Chief Bar

Chief Bar is Australia’s first meat protein bar… a natural, whole food snack made with 100% grass fed meat, nuts and a little dried fruit. It’s a savoury snack like biltong or jerky, but with no chemicals, no preservatives, no gluten, no dairy and low sugar.

Chief Bar - Graphic Design by Neverland Studio

Chief Bar + NEVERLand


Chief Bar was founded by passionate health professionals with a desire to revolutionise the protein bar market. The goal was to introduce a healthier alternative to the highly processed products that saturate the shelves.

At the same time, the Chief Bar team wanted to create a product that looked totally different to other bars in the market, and felt fun, approachable, and down-to-earth.

To nail the brief, we engaged illustrator Chris Wahl, who skilfully illustrated our renegade Chief. We paired the illustration with vidid, nature-inspired colour palettes, bold tribal-esque branding and pop-art style patterns and shapes.

The result is packaging that pops on the shelves of supermarkets, gyms and whole-food stores, and catches the eye of a broad range of people. The product has been endorsed by fashion models, Olympians, health professionals, and more.

Chief Bar - Graphic Design by Neverland Studio
Chief Bar - Graphic Design by Neverland Studio


"Neverland is the ultimate design studio. At the helm, Dani is inspired, punctual and responsive. And everything has that unique ‘wow’ factor."



Chief Bar - Graphic Design by Neverland Studio